The Adventures of Johnny Holiday

Welcome to Saint Anthony

The Semifinals!

I am pleased to say that Johnny Holiday, and The Man with Lightning in His Eye has made it into the semifinals of the ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Contest. Stay tuned for further developments!

Helga Magnusson

Helga Magnusson sat in the back seat of the cream-colored sedan with Celene Forrester while their mutual friend, Dr. Peirce Johnson chauffeured them about town. The car belonged to Celene, or to her father to be precise, the notorious Colonel Forrester who was the most powerful man in Saint Anthony. The three of them had … Continue reading Helga Magnusson

Hank Jeffers

Hank Jeffers had an appointment to keep at the Round Up. He made it there well before the rain began to soak the city, he got there early thinking he might do a little business and take a few bets for his bookie before meeting the tall blonde lady who had become the biggest brightest … Continue reading Hank Jeffers


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