The Adventures of Johnny Holiday

Welcome to Saint Anthony

Rebecca Mordecai

Rebecca reached into the porcelain bowl the table where her clients left her fee. She had not given the proper reading to the young man who had just left her corner of the bookstore, but he had asked enough questions and taken a sufficient amount of her time to charge him. They had not discussed … Continue reading Rebecca Mordecai

Ingrid Magnsson

Ingrid Magnusson left Saint Anthony right after she had her breakfast. It was a four hour drive to the town of Avon, North and west of the city. She arrived around 1:00 pm, but her twin sister Helga who had called her that morning to demand that Ingrid come see her, wasn’t there. Ian Green, … Continue reading Ingrid Magnsson

Angela Guthrie

Angela Guthrie was upset, worse than that she was terrified. She had come to work at the bookstore like any other day only to find that her employer, Ingrid Magnusson was not there and she could not get into the store. She waited outside. It was hot and the air was thick with humidity, she … Continue reading Angela Guthrie

Karl Thorrson

Karl Thorrson was a giant, nearly seven feet tall with bones as dense as granite. His hands were as big as bear paws and his shoulders as broad as a draft horse, and yet despite his size he was graceful, light of foot like a dancer and as nimble fingered as a seamstress, and he … Continue reading Karl Thorrson


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